Diabetes Food List – The Best Way to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

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One of the most important measures that can substantially assist a quality diabetes treatment plan is proper diet and that brings up the issue of diabetes food list. Such list is essential for people who have diabetes.

Eating Right Food is Essential
Eating right food is essential even for a healthy person and it is more so for a person suffering from type 2 diabetes with the requirement to keep your blood glucose at right levels. Eating right foods ensures –

  • Lower blood sugar levels;
  • Losing weight; and
  • Control enhancement of diabetes.

Hence, learning about diabetes food list is essential for any person with the condition. That is why national institutes of health often come up with such lists. A few tips for managing diabetes could be very useful for the patient and it includes diets to check your blood glucose levels.

Diabetes Foods List Constituents
Important constituents of diabetes food list are –

  • Meat, fish and such protein containing foods that are essential for people who have diabetes;
  • Low fat milk and fat free yogurt and milk substitutes that can lower blood glucose levels;
  • Green leafy and fiber filled vegetables providing minerals and fibers; that keep your blood glucose under control and
  • Whole grains in low quantum but even then you must check your blood glucose regularly.

Must Foods for Diabetics
Meat, fish, low fat milk, yogurt, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes are the best diabetic foods and are must components in diabetes food list as they not only provide nutrients but can lower blood sugar levels as well. Therefore, they find place in the diet plan of all national institutes of health.

Foods to Avoid
Just like the foods that one should take when affected by diabetes, there are also foods that one should avoid to keep diabetes under control. One of the important tips to manage diabetes is that rice that is loaded with sugar should not find a place in diabetes food list and it is followed by white bread, sweats, and pastries. List of foods diabetics should avoid as recommended by American diabetes association are –

  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • White Bread
  • Corn Syrup
  • Honey
  • Foods high is sodium and fats
  • Alcohol

Why is Eating Habits Important
But why are eating habit important and why most tips for managing diabetes include it? Food is always closely connected with the amount of sugar in blood and the right food choice helps lower blood sugar levels. You can check your blood glucose differently with uncontrolled and controlled diets separately and learn the difference immediately. Such checking in any case is essential for people who have diabetes.

No Diabetes Diet
National institutes of health make it clear that there is no specified diabetes diet that can be universal to keep your blood glucose level normal. However, every dieter should construct his or her own diabetes food pyramid or diabetes eating plan by choosing components from the diabetes food list.

Meal Plan
Choosing the right diabetes food means that the dieter constitutes an effective and well organized meal plan helping lower blood sugar levels. Features of a quality meal plan to check your blood glucose would be –

  • Meal plan is the guide that tells what the foods for diabetics are that would be in the diabetes food list are and which are the ones to be left out.
  • Not only the people who have diabetes will benefit from it but even if you don’t have the condition, you can keep your blood glucose under control with it.
  • An effective meal plan suggested by national institutes of health will have 40% to 60% calories for carbohydrates.
  • They will have the remaining calories from protein and fat in the proportion of 40:60 or 20% and 30% respectively according to American dietetic association recommendation.
  • All tips for managing diabetes indicate that saturated fats and sugar filled carbohydrates are the two types of foods that must not be in the list of diabetes foods.

Pertinent Facts About Diabetes Foods
Some pertinent facts about diabetes foods list are –

  • Sugar as part of balanced diet does not create problems in controlling blood sugar levels.
  • It is adding sugar to foods for diabetes that could be harmful.
  • Recommended diabetic food may contain 2-5 choices of carbohydrates, 1 choice of protein, and some fats in each meal.
  • It is always good to obtain the advice of doctors before preparing the diabetes foods meal plan or go by recommendations of American diabetes association.

Good Food Habits
Good food habits can certainly help a healthy life and keep diabetes under control resulting in low blood glucose. Such habits would include –

  • Limiting carbohydrates having sugar like rice and white bread.
  • Eating and diabetes are closely related as good food habit is important to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
  • List and use the foods that have carbohydrate but little or no sugar like fruits, vegetables, beans, dairy products, and starchy foods, especially those who have type 2 diabetes.
  • Diabetic food list may contain both fresh and canned fruits.
  • Diabetes food list should not contain ketchup and mustard since they have high carbohydrate contents.
  • Diabetic meal plan can be constituted using clinically diabetic food pyramid recommended by American dietetic association.

Controlling Harmful Elements in Body
It is necessary for all including those suffering from diabetes to control some harmful elements in the blood. Some important requirements are –

  • Controlling blood sugar levels especially in case of newly diagnosed diabetic.
  • Controlling cholesterol and triglyceride that constitutes blood fat with diabetes eating plan.
  • For non-insulin dependent diabetes, meal plans with list of good diabetes foods can help maintain insulin balance with diabetes exchange system often used by diabetes health center.
  • For insulin dependent diabetes, balance should be maintained between the foods eaten in between the insulin injections as eating and diabetes is closely related.

Best Nutritious Diabetic Food List
In constituting best diabetes food list a few points’ needs the attention of both the doctor and the patient, especially the patients with type 2 diabetes.

  • Diabetic meal plan should have balanced combination of carbohydrate, fat, and proteins.
  • Recommended diabetic food is normally listed with a view to its calorie contents.
  • Many diabetes health center concentrate on fighting obesity while doctors often look to use medications and diet that results in low blood glucose.

Essential components or diabetes food lists are less fat, more fibers, and reduced sodium and sugar. Conversely the dieter can opt for the diabetes exchange system in food planning with different combinations of starches and breads, vegetables, milk, fruits, fats, and meats and meat substitutes.

Such plans are effective irrespective of the fact that you are newly diagnosed diabetic or already in the type 2 stage.

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